About Us

Pettypups is an organization dedicated to all pets, human, and their chaos. We are here to assist you
with detailed and accurate information about the pet breed, health, and lifestyle. Being a pet parent is complex, and pet owners must deal with daily maintenance issues. There needs to be more clarity when bringing a furry friend to your home. But don’t worry; Pettypups is here to guide you.

pettypups pug

Founded in 2022, Pettypups is dedicated to all pets and their owners. Not only the pets, but we also love
and value all animals equally.


  • We love and respect dogs for their unconditional love.
  • We want every pet owner to have detailed knowledge about their furry friend.
  • We want every pet owner to know about the breeding and maintenance of purebreds.
  • We want every dog to have its own house and human.
  • We want every rescued dog to be adopted and loved.
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